Making calendula….

With school right around the corner and the garden bounty to process, it’s been a crazy few weeks.  We managed to make a few batches of soap in there, one being the gorgeous Calendula soap.   Calendula flowers come from the pot marigold plant, are completely edible (make sure they are organic) and can be used as a replacement for saffron or just sprinkled on salads as they have a mild peppery flavor.  For skin care, calendula petals are infused in oil and added to lotions or creams to help soothe and calm skin.  Calendula oil has been used to treat acne, rashes, dry skin and is great on sensitive skin (read babies).    Calendula extract has been proven to be anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-genotoxic in plant pharmacological studies, and has been used traditionally to treat abdominal cramps and constipation.  (As with anything, use with caution and test for allergic reaction before using topically.)

To make our Calendula soap, we infuse dried calendula petals into olive oil using a warming method, then use that oil in place of our regular olive oil.  As calendula flowers are the only flower that is able to come through the soaping process intact, we put generous helpings of it right into the soap mixture, and add it on top.  The result is a gorgeous yellow and cream soap full of anti-inflammatory goodness.  Here are some pictures of our Calendula soap shortly after pouring:







The last picture is our new cover picture on our Facebook page 🙂  The Calendula soap will be ready in 4 weeks – and we happily take pre-orders!


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