Let’s talk about hemp…

Ok, so let’s get back to Beautiful’s soap line up…. how about hemp?  There seems to be some confusion about hemp products and their tie to the lovely Mary Jane – so for once and for all, hemp is not marijuana.  Hemp products will not get you high, don’t need to be kept away from children, and aren’t a taboo topic at the dinner table 🙂  In fact, hemp is one of the great Canadian success stories, and is an amazing plant for all you can do with it.  Take Manitoba Harvest for example.  Manitoba Harvest Hemp Food and Oils produces Hemp Hearts, which are an amazing protein booster for your salads, yogurts, cereals or what-have-you; a hemp beverage, Hemp Bliss which is a great alternative to rice milk, soy or almond; and a gorgeous Hemp Oil, cold pressed, full of omegas and chlorophyll – basically just great for you in any cold application you can think of for it.  Best of all for Beautiful, it is wonderful for your skin.

Adria Vasil, in her recent book Ecoholic Body (here’s a review) says that hemp oil is Canada’s great beauty oil, suitable for smoothing on anywhere from your face to your feet.  I have to agree.  Hemp is one of the few oils that is readily absorbed by the skin and doesn’t just sit on top.  That means that your skin is able to get so much of the benefits of hemp oil right down into your cells.  You can read more about the specifics of hemp oil here and  here.

This is what I personally love about hemp oil:



Isn’t it gorgeous?


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