And back to the grind….

I agree wholeheartedly with long weekends (we just had one here in Manitoba), but there is something strange about getting back into the swing of things on a Tuesday.    I am perfectly able and willing to hate Mondays, but Tuesdays?

So this week is a little special for us as we are preparing to go to the Portage La Prairie Farmer’s Market this Saturday, which also happens to be the weekend of the Portage Potato Festival.  For those of you who don’t know, Portage is home to a few potato processing plants (think french fries) and this weekend is the time of the year for the little spud to shine 🙂  I’m a little nervous about the weather, as it’s supposed to be cloudy and rainy – but at least it won’t be hot!  I have visions of melted puddles of what once were great skin care products….  Really though, other people do it so I’m sure my nightmares are just that.

Recently I posted a couple of pictures on our FB page of our coffee soap in the molds.  So what better soap to talk about today?  Here they are cut:


Coffee bar and half moon soaps


So who doesn’t love coffee?  Even the people who don’t like to drink coffee tend to like to smell it, and our coffee soap smells like a fresh brewed cup.  The best part of putting coffee in a soap, however, is it’s amazing ability to neutralize odors.  This is a great soap to keep in the kitchen and use, say, after cutting an onion for supper 🙂

Beautiful uses Kicking Horse fair trade coffee beans, specifically the Kick Ass variety.  We believe strongly in fair trade and are really happy to be able to use Kicking Horse’s dark blend in our soap.  We use the brewed coffee right in the soap, the beans on top, and the grounds are added in as well for a bit of scrubbing goodness.  We also add a bit of coffee essential oil to buoy up the great coffee smell through the soaping process.

Our coffee soap makes a great gift for the coffee lover in your life, or just for using to get funky smells out 🙂  It uses our regular bar soap base (see previous posts) so it is very moisturizing and has great lather.



3 thoughts on “And back to the grind….

  1. does funky odours include funky arm odours too? I was lucky enough to inherit my dad’s stink genes and I have a heck of a time finding something that neutralizes that under arm stink.

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